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    Not too much of a difference in my realistic list vs. my guilty pleasure, might just get a little more adventurous with girls' middles, instead of honoring family.

    Realistic Names:
    B/B:Rory Phoenix & Lennox Royce (Rex & Lux) Although I think its a bit much to have two "x" nicknames, I can't make up my mind right now, so they each get it.
    B/G:Rory Lennox & Aveline Joyce (Rex & Lina)
    G/G: Aveline Joyce & Elowen Claire (Lina & Lowie)

    Guilty Pleasure:
    G/G: Aveline Vespera & Elowen Esme (don't hate on the alliteration, I think its sweet)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Holy Moses! Bonnibel is the cutest name ever, and paired with Vera and Jane = smashing beauty perfection dream name!

    Haha! Thanks, otter. My mom's name is Bonnie, and I'd love to sneak something in to honor her. Rosalind would honor DH's mom, Linda. I've also thought about Luna to honor Linda, so maybe Clio Lunabel Jane and Vera Bonnibel June. Hmm. Probably too cutesy. I pray I'll never get to use them - naming twins is about the only thing I think I could handle about multiples
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    Oh this is a good one!!!

    Safe =

    Boy/Boy: David Theodore Henry (Teddy) & Jonathan Daniel Louis (Jace)
    Girl/Girl: Tessa Felicity Jayne & Rory Annika Lee
    Boy/Girl: David Theodore Henry (Teddy) & Tessa Felicity Jayne (Teddy & Tessa - *swoon* This needs to happen.)

    GP =

    Boy/Boy: Elijah Laurence Rhys (Eli) & Desmond Evander Rex (Des)
    Girl/Girl: Cordelia Hermione Winter (Cora) & Jessamine Morgana Kate (Jessa)
    Boy/Girl: Elijah Laurence Rhys (Eli) & Jessamine Morgana Kate (Jessa)

    That was so fun. And I could probably come up with a billion more GP combos....
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    Caroline Frances Luna ~ Clarity Anneliese Kate ~ Josephine Louisa Danielle
    Marigold Laurena Lucille ~ Rosemary Margaret Jayne

    David Theodore Martin ~ Elijah Laurence Rhys ~ Ezra William Beau
    Julian Samuel John ~ Logan Christopher Knightley

    Literary GP Combos
    Charlotte Pemberley Jane ~ Philippa Austen Rose

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    For a future...
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    Splendid Son:
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