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Thread: Almond

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    What would you think if you ran into a little girl named Almond?
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    For some reason I think of the movie 'Where the Heart Is' where the one character had named her five children after her pregnancy cravings. Brownie, Praline, Baby Ruth, etc... I would think of something like that.

    Maybe as a middle name (probably not imho), but as a first name I think Amandine is much more appropriate. I would definitely not like it if my name was Almond.
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    I think Almond is appropriate as Melody, June, Winter, Autumn, Destiny, North, Daisy...
    Look these:

    I find Almond OK, but prefer Almondine and Amandine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    What would you think if you ran into a little girl named Almond?
    That her parents were nuts

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    Honestly, gut reaction- I would think it was weird. Like her parents found Olive "just too popular now" and went for Almond instead to be unique.

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