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    My mother did this with my sister, and hated it so much she actually changed her mind and my sister's first name when she was about 2 years old... Her initials were MMM, Madison Merriweather M-(one syllable). I understand why she did it, but I actually like the way it rolls off the tongue. I'm strongly considering Merriweather/Merryweather as either a first or a middle for my future kiddos.

    Point is, I think it's all in the name and how similar they sound otherwise. Especially if they're different amounts of syllables, I'm not sure I would even notice it upon being introduced. Like Megan Mullaly, the actress... would never have even registered with me, except jess044's post upthread got me thinking about Megan M's.
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    I think some sound really great and some sound icky. I think often works well with vowels, because the same vowel can make different sounds, which isn't as much the case with consonants. Arthur Ashe works well for me. Gabby Giffords is a little rough.

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    It is not something that I will do when naming my children, but it can work in some instances. I think it really depends on the different vowel and consonant sounds in the names and also how many syllables are in each name.
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    My son's name's begin with the same letter, with a 2-3 count. Honestly, we get compliments on it all the time, but I don't think it works in all instances, much as pps have said.

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