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Thread: Spelling help

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    Spelling help

    My partner and I have rediscovered an old favorite and are both loving it. It has become our favorite for our little boy due in a few weeks, we are almost 100pct sure this is the name. We need help figuring out how to spell it though. Each has pros and cons. Bodhi, Bode, Bodie or Bodey? Or a different spelling? Honest opinions please.

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    Bodhi is my favorite spelling.
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    It's my favorite spelling too. I just worry about the cultural significance of it, and the fact that we aren't Buddhist. I am afraid of being disrespectful. It's not the only deciding factor, but it's one of them. Do you think non-Buddhists using Bodhi is ignorant?

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    Buddhism is not an exclusive religion (e.g., one can be a Christian Buddhist), so I doubt any Buddhists would object.

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    It's not ignorant at all. People, everywhere, use names from different cultures/religions/languages/etc.

    While I like using different spelling of names, in this case, I would stick with Bodhi. If I just saw the other spelling you have listed, I would assume Bode rhymed with mode, and that Bodie and Bodey were varient spellings of the word body. Bodhi, while it can be mispronounced as well, is probably going to be more recognizable than Bode, Bodie, or Bodey.
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