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Thread: Colonial CAF

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    DH:Richard Stephen James
    DW: Tamsin Lydia James
    You live in: Charleston, South Carolina
    Husband's occupation: Governor


    7 kids:

    Serena Ivy James (12)
    Adelaide Maud & Matilda Alice James (8)
    Caleb Jadon James(7)
    Isla Beatrix & Silas Zachary James (5)
    Levi Elijah James (3)
    Jasper Nicholas James (NB)
    Dani mum to lil stunner Bailey (5) & mini minx Liberty (3)
    ↓ Future names ↓
    Kairi Peyton (contemplating 2nd middle name)
    Phoenix, Elijah, Zeke, Logan

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    Every experience, no matter how bad it seems,
    holds within it a blessing of some kind.
    The goal is to find it.
    - Buddha

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    The Eyre Family of Charleston, South Carolina

    DH: Clement Archibald Eyre (a loyalist lawyer)
    DW: Tabitha Mary Eyre

    DS: Arthur Lionel Eyre - 11
    DS: Frederick Elisha Eyre - 9
    DS: Gideon Charles Eyre - 8
    DD: Matilda Remember Eyre - 6
    DD: Cordelia Lydia Eyre - 5
    DS: August Micah Eyre - 5
    DD: Philippa Honor Eyre - 4
    DD: Amelia Susanna Eyre - 2
    Life is too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs.
    - Charlotte Bronte via Jane Eyre

    Crushes:Marcheline and Antheia

    Eloise India Story. Rosamund Margot May. Violet Calpurnia Bea. Elizabeth Adelaide Primrose.

    Finnian August Fox. Theodore Jonas Sterling. Gideon Asa Charles. Calum Jacoby Robin.

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    DH: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster (nee Campbell)

    Location: Boston, Massachusetts

    Husband's occupation: Lawyer

    Patriots (against British rule)

    8 children. (plus newborn at end)
    DD: Phoebe Rose Foster [9]
    DS/DD: Leo Maxwell Foster and Matilda Ruth Foster[7]
    DS: Sebastian Harvey Foster [6]
    DS: Thomas William Foster [5]
    DD/DS: Maisie Victoria Foster and Charles "Charlie" Lennon Foster [4]
    DS: Horatio Lewis Foster [3]
    DD: Penelope Grace Foster [nb]

    Mike and Brianna with Phoebe, Leo, Matilda, Sebastian, Thomas, Maisie, Charlie, Horatio, and Penelope

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    DH: Matthew Arthur Ingram, 40
    DW: Rachel Margaret Ingram, 35

    Where do you live?
    Boston, Massachusetts

    What is your husband's occupation?

    Are your family Loyalists or Patriots?

    The Children:
    Elizabeth Henrietta Ingram, 11
    Virginia Philippa Ingram, 10
    Samuel Soloman Ingram, 8
    Rebecca Rosanna Ingram, 7
    Nathaniel William Ingram, 5
    Georgia Abigail Ingram, 5
    Annabel Catherine Ingram, 4
    Charlotte Mary Ingram, NB

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