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    WDYT of Elianthe?

    Hi berries,

    I’ve just discovered this name, given only once in my country. It combines both the names of my mother and grandfather. Furthermore it’s derived from the greek Helianthos/Helianthus, meaning sunflower, love that!. It gives of such a sunny, summery vibe for me. It’s pronounced Ay-lee-an-tuh in Dutch, an as in Antoine, WDYT?
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    Very hard to pronounce, but Ellie could be a cute nickname.

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    That pronunciation is not intuitive to me at all, but I'm not from the Netherlands so maybe that's why? I would have said El-ee-an-thee. The meaning is lovely, though. I like in Kansas and sunflowers are our state symbol. I love them, they just look so happy.

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    Never heard about that one before. Pretty, I think..
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    Absolutely gorgeous! And as a German, it was definitely intuitive for me

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