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    Thank you so much for choosing! I like having your input since I can never choose lol and i want to be somewhat prepared for when we do finally conceive. Boyfriends are not very helpful haha. Although he did light up when he heard Jane and Ruby. True I can tell it was not his fave.
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    Caspar, Rafferty, Leander, Octavian, Leopold, Ignatius, Cyprian, Florian, Evander, Ronan

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj_bear View Post
    Loving Petal Isadora Jane. Lovely mix of eclectic and traditional.
    Seconded! Just so beautiful.

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    Petal Isaadora Jane

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    Petal Isadora Jane, by far! It's just soo....... Perfect!

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    Petal Isadora Jane is my pick, but I really love Petal Isadora True as well.
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