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    Elle -- She will get lost. It's cute, but if you're looking for something standout, Elle is safe as a nickname only.
    Rory -- Adorable.
    Posey -- NMS, but definitely standout.
    Kyle -- Everyone will try Kylie.
    Hayes -- Cute, but Haley.
    Reeve -- I love this name, but prefer Reese.
    Owen -- Hm. Cute.
    Colin -- I am desperate to feminize this somehow.
    Poppy -- NMS.

    Actually my favorite is Hayes on your list. Hayes, Rory, then Elle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessicalla View Post
    Hi! Please help us narrow down our favorite names for our second baby girl due in December. Some of the names are traditionally "boy names", but I think they could be unique/cool for a girl. Our daughter will be attending a very large school district and I don't want her to get lost in the crowd Possible middle names are Claire, Quinn, Kate, Liv, Jessica. Please only positive feedback Thank you!

    I like Rory. It's very unisex but I feel some of these names are a bit too masculine namely Kyle, Hayes, Reeve, Owen, and Colin. Why don't you look at the unisex lists under each letter to bring a breath of fresh air? As a former teacher, I've often said things to parents like "Which Emily is your daughter?" that I understanding want to stand out from the ho-hum crowd.
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    Please don't use Kyle, Hayes, Reeve, Colin, Owen for a girl why not use Kylie/Miley for Kyle. Colleen for Colin. Only one I can think of for Owen is Owena. Renee for Reeve. And Hailey/Haylie for Hayes.

    I like Elle as a nn for Eleanor. Rory as a nn for Lorelei.

    I'm not really keen on Posey my self but its cute it could work with Jessica/Claire or Kate.

    I love Poppy Kate it's cute and sweet.
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    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Elle has always seemed rather plain to me. It doesn't seem like there is an umph.

    What about:



    What about using Rory as a nickname for Aurora? Rory is traditionally seen as a male name and feels rather nicknamey. I've also seen Rory be used as a nickname for Victoria. On the Gilmore Girls, a girl named Lorelei used Rory as her nickname.


    My daughters name is Primrose and we actually use Posey as a nickname. I liked Primrose much better as it has various nicknames: Prim, Poppy, Prose, Rose, Rosie and occasionally the stranger and gender ambiguous Imro.


    I'd prefer Kylie at best.


    Reminds me of hazing (teasing). What about Hazel? It includes Hayes.


    Kind of reminds of Reese, (like Witherspoon) so it seems a like tomboyish name. You could use Eve as a sweet girly nickname.

    That said, what about: Riviera?


    What about Elowen nickname Owen instead? That way it's a traditionally female name and you could use the nickname Elle or Owen depending on her preference. It would fit a tomboy or a girly girl.


    What about Colleen? It's a generic term for Irish women or girls.


    I saw Poppy on one of the Nameberry posts a while back and thought that Poppy was such an adorable way to honor a grandfather. I think the flower is beautiful. It's used to remember WW1 soldiers. A field of poppies is what traditionally took Dorothy away to Oz, not an actual tornado.

    All that said, I think Penelope may a better idea. We also call Primrose Poppy at times, but that can be more of a stretch.

    I've made a lot of suggestions, but below I've arraigned the names from favorite to least:


    (These, I really wouldn't use)

    I don't think that my names will get your daughter lost in a crowd. With a boys name, she'll be in the sea of boys, which she may resent as she grows older. I would use a traditionally female name a boyish nickname. It provides her with more options and I think it's most fair to her.

    I suggest Elowen. Nickname either Elle or Owen. Either way, it's up to her.

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