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Thread: Safe Names

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    I think all my name would be considered safe.
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    I never really thought of the names orbiting my favorites as "safe" names, but simply just as the names that haven't moved up the list. My fiance likes my top favorite names more than the one's farther down, so they're not even safe in that sense, haha. But the names sitting on the outskirts that I would turn to if my tops didn't work for whatever reason:



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    my OH wants to use my safe name as a middle name as he thinks my other two names need something safe as a buffer as they're a bit weird. I'm not in love with it, but thinking of giving in just because he's letting me have the other 2, but if does feel a bit like wimping out from a combo I'd really love.
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    I love all my names and very few would consider my list to be tame.

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    Almost all of the names I like are safe names. I have some slightly outlandish names that I like, but their outlandishness also makes them less appealing to me as real choices. I'd rather my real top two (Helena and Dean) over my guilty pleasure top two (Mojave and Konstantin), just because I'd be furious if my parents had forced their peculiar tastes onto me, tastes obviously shared by few, in a society where I would always sound like trash. If the vast majority of people find a name choice distasteful, my kids and her friends are pretty much guaranteed to feel the same. I don't think I have the right to inflict my whims on my child, when I am not the one who has to deal with the consequences of my choice. Safe names for the win.

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