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Thread: Rose names

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    Rose names

    I don't know what my grandmother was thinking, (I personally don't like when sibling names are super matchy matchy) but my mom and most of her sisters have Rose in their names.
    Rosalina, Rosabella, Rosemarie, Rosanna, etc.
    I haven't decided yet whether or not to honor my mom and/or an aunt(s) by using Rose or another Rose name. I wouldn't use a repeat from their set. But I just want to explore the options and see if anything strikes me.

    What I've come up with:
    Rosamund - I hate the pronunciation rohz-uh-mun, which is how it's supposed to be said, right? I've always said it rose-ah-mun. Is this acceptable?
    Rosalie - I like this one.
    Rosalia - pretty, might be too flourishy for me
    Rosamine - its ok
    Rosalyn - Rosalina uses this form... So that eliminates that for me.
    Rosemaren - I've never seen this and just came up with this. A combination of Rose and Maren, does this work? opinions?

    More suggestions!?? Other Rose variants? Names that mean rose?

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    Rosamund for me is Rose-uh-mun(d). Not Roz! I do touch on that D at the end, though...

    I love Rosalie for you - sounds like that's one fabulous one your grandma didn't take! ;-)

    Also, what about Rosette or Rosetta? Maybe Roisin? It means "little rose."
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    Rosalind (ROZ-uh-lind)
    i also love Rosalie
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Felix Augustine
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    There's also Rosaline, a character in Romeo and Juliet. It's a touch similar to Rosalina, but it's often pronounced RAHZ-uh-lin (think of the word "rosin"), so I think it's dissimilar enough.

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