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Thread: Jett? Help!

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    Jett? Help!

    Hi everyone! I am recently in love with the name Jett, although I don't think we would use it as a first name, I would love to figure out a way to use it as a nickname. Of course we have thought about using it as a middle name and calling him Jett, or even just picking any name, and calling him Jett. But I'd like to see if anyone can come up with a longer name that we could us Jett for short. Hope that made sense! Thanks for the help!

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    If you're French and Catholic, Jean Baptiste reduces nicely to Jett. Otherwise the obvious choice is Jethro (meh). I'd stick w/Jett or just use any J name you like and nn him Jett regardless of similarity to the name you choose.

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    What about a J first name and a T middle name? I'm not sure exactly what your style is, but for instance: Jeremiah Tyler, Jefferson Troy, Jameson Thomas. Then you have the Jett sound hidden in the names.

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    I think Jethro nn Jett is pretty cool. I'm having troubles thinking of a fuller name for Jett on a boy, since I love the idea of Juliet nn Jet so much. I think Jethro is pretty cool, though.
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    Jerrett is my immediate thought.
    Hope this helps. I love the name.
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