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    Thanks for the feedback. They're expecting twins. I love their son's prospective name of Duncan Frederick Weld. It feels so chic. It seems more challenging perhaps.

    I couldn't explain to my friends why their prospective daughter's name didn't work out. It seems to follow the supposed rules. I hear celebrity + car + verb. Despite the differing styles, it does have family and ethnic significance. I'm also unsure about the likely nickname Gwen Weld. Although there's only two, it seems like a lot of W. I'm unsure how I should advise them when it comes to nicknames.
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    Gwyneth is Anglo/Welsh, Mercedes Spanish...the styles don't blend well.

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    Duncan Frederick is lovely! Gwyneth Mercedes is.....confusing.

    I agree with most of the posters above, stylistically it doesn't fit. And Gwen Weld is a challenge as well! Gweny/Gwenie are the only other nicknames I can think of for Gwyneth! Such a beautiful name on it's own though, just maybe not with their surname (or the middle name they've chosen).
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    It doesn't flow perfectly, but if there is special significance behind their choices I think it's fine. Gwyneth and Mercedes are both nice names. Not ridiculous or made up or too out there. I'd leave it alone.

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    Neither of the names are my style at all, but I think it flows nicely.
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