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    Tristan and Noah are ancient classics--they definitely stand the test of time, and they're among my favorites.

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    Previously, I taught high school English. Supposedly those are the most challenging times but I see it as a period when a child's individuality blossoms. Yes, it was always a Michael/Matthew or Emily/Emma and you've often to have to result using last name initials.

    With technology now, I'd suggest for upcoming parents to do an internet search for the name they're considering. For example, the average name Nicole is the most often porn first name.

    I also living in Los Angeles where there's a bit of the entertainment industry. Sure there will always be the Julia Roberts of this world but being unique is an art form. I've had parents seriously consider if their child's first name could be the marquee of a show like an Oprah/Ellen/Anderson or would Shakespeare have named a tragedy Jack instead of Hamlet.
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    Tristan and Noah both make me think of a well-behaved boy with brown hair that does well in school. I like them a lot, but they're too popular for me. I'm glad you chose those names
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    Thank you for all your posts =)

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    I am quite surprised to hear they are Tristan and Noah when I look at all the names in your sig, but they are nice, very normal names.
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