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    Quote Originally Posted by thefuturemrsb View Post
    My DH decided he wanted a direwolf after watching the show. He found a created breed of dog based after the extinct North American direwolf and has decided he wants one named Ghost desperately.
    That reminds me of how my teenage sister keeps telling me she wants a Night Fury* for Christmas. I tell her I'll see what I can do. A direwolf would be pretty awesome, though. I'd have to name mine Nymeria, after Arya's direwolf (which never showed up again for some reason).

    *From How to Train Your Dragon.

    More on topic, I'm not really sure how I feel about Khaleesi as a name, since it is just a title (why won't people use Danaerys?). I'm not super annoyed since I've yet to actually meet one, but I can see both GOT/ISOIAF superfans and people who just heard/saw it somewhere using it for the "coolness" factor.

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