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    @ursa_minor & @aurra
    Exactly how I feel about it. Many literary 'made up' names have actually become very popular, like Wendy. Actually I have to say Eowyn is even on my list. The problem I have is if you wouldn't name your daughter Queen, then perhaps not Khaleesi.

    I should also point out that the Dothraki aren't exactly kind, civil, or loving people, so the leader of a khalasar isn't exactly what I would want my daughter to aspire to be.

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    As much as I love Dany I could not name my child Khaleesi. I know that there was a definite switch in her character when she becomes Khaleesi but she's still Daenerys. To me Khaleesi has the powerful feel she acquired compared to how timid she was at the beginning of the series. But if you're looking for the power than Storm would be a nice way to get it without forever linking your child to a book/TV series.
    If I had a baby right now they'd be:

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    I would hope that someone naming their daughter Khaleesi is a fan of Game of Thrones and didn't just find the name on Nameberry...then again, a true fan would know that it was her title, not her name. Daenerys would be better. I would love to use it since it seems like a Welsh name. My name is Welsh and I love Welsh names...It is tied to that one character though.
    Khaleesi is cute as a name, I see it's appeal, but there are other names that start with Ka or have Lee in them that these people should consider instead. Khaleesi would be a better for their dog or cat.
    I knew a woman that named all her pets after Lord of the Rings characters. I would like to do the same with Game of Thrones. However, I will likely chose minor characters over major ones. Maybe even borrow names from the direwolves. I saw a dog named Ghost for adoption. How cute is that?

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    Wow! 146 people used it last year!? That's insane!

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    It's interesting to me that Khaleesi has popped up so suddenly as a literary invention (not only with the spelling from GOT but several other spellings as well). I think that most of Khalessi's new popularity is coming from people who,
    (A) Have not read the books
    (B) Have not seen the show
    (C) Think that Dothraki is a real language somewhere
    (D) Read it on a T-shirt or poster
    (E) Heard it from someone else who is one or more of the above

    Some of these notions have been reinforced by HBO's constant stream of over-the-top nudity and sex (some sexual situations were in the source material but many were added in to suit HBO's formula) that tends to glamorize the name even for those unfamiliar with the character. While another equally as popular creation such as Katniss (which is often on the Nameberry search cloud) has only had 12 uses, possibly because it doesn't the musical tone of Khaleesi. Regardless, I wouldn't recommend using this name if you aren't a fan and don't want your kid being called "Mother of Dragons" and "Mhysa" their whole life through.

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