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    Help! Still finalizing middle name for canyon (sibling to Hickory Crane)

    We need to finalize the middle name for a little boy. His older sibling is named Hickory Crane C--tes. We have settled on Canyon as a first name and need an e name for his middle name to honor his birthmom. We are down to:

    Elan (meaning joyful and also tree - which is a nice, subtle connection both to our son, Hickory, and also to a joining of family trees through adoption)
    Ever - I love the association. Forever joining two families through adoption.
    Eli - ascended
    Ezra - helper

    Thanks for your input!!
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    I really like Eli.
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    My favorite is Canyon Eli I think it flows really well. Plus I like the sound of Canyon Eli and Hickory Crane. I feel Canyon Élan is a tough transition when i say it out loud. I love the meaning behind Elan but diskike Ezra because it has a totally different vibe which I feel does not fit well with Canyon. So my first vote is for Canyon Eli for flow then Canyon Élan for meaning.

    Good luck! And Congrats
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    Thanks @scarletsway. Any alternate suggestions you might have?

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    What about Evergreen? It's an E name, combines the tree reference and meaning of ever, and flows beautifully with Canyon. Canyon Evergreen C--tes has a nice 2-3-1 syllable pattern.
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