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    If your last name starts with 'H', I'd go for a first name that doesn't. My first and last name both start w/R. It makes me feel like a cartoon character--like Richie Rich or Mighty Mouse or Ronald Reagan (no offense to Reaganites). My parents were still teens when I was born...I'm not sure people under 20 should be permitted to name children (except for those thoughtful enough to be researching names on Nameberry!).
    That's my fear! I love alliteration but I think there is a fine line and I wasn't sure if Hazel Hand crossed that line...

    I also agree Noora about the L's ...lily is our "one that got away" with baby 2 so I've been trying to find the perfect first name for it, but it's hard! Hazel Suzette is quite adorable though! I love -ette names!

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    I love Hazel Monroe... we are thinking about using this combination if it's a girl!

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    Hazel Monroe is lovely
    I have to say I am slightly envious of people who don't have my same surname issue! I think I may have to let go of Hazel:/
    Thanks for the reply

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Hazel! I recently let it go from my list--mainly because I just love too many names right now, not because anything's wrong with Hazel. Besides, I don't feel like my list is terribly vintage--although I suppose it could be--and Hazel almost felt like too much vintage next to Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Rachel, Charlotte, Hannah, etc. At the same time, I miss it--Hazel's so gorgeous! How close to "hand" is your surname? Like, if it's Hazel Hands, or even Hazel Hinds, I would probably reconsider. But Hazel Hann? I think that's fine. If it sounds the same as Hand, but is spelled different, like Hazel Hande, that might be a no, as well. I think alliteration is fine, but if it is sounding cartoonish because it's descriptive, then that's when I would probably say no.

    I like alliteration--my dad and all my siblings have it (FN/LN), not to mention my dad and aunt both had "J" names, and that aunt married a guy with a "J" name, and they had six "J"s. I'm surrounded by alliteration, and I think in certain cases it can really work (and it doesn't have to start a pattern). I think something like Hazel Hann would be adorable. But when it starts to sound like someone's hand is colored hazel, that's where it becomes cheesy and unusable, imo.

    Good luck!
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    see you sort of hit the nail on the is very very similar to Hand and so Hazel does sort of sound descriptive:/ I've actually gone through so many names thinking that its the "one" and then realizing it will sound awful with our last name (Violet, Eden, Liliana) ...and then wondering if I should just go with it anyway! Such a beautiful name! I agree that Hazel is vintage, but I find that I'm really drawn to names that are nature-y, somewhat underused, yet familiar, easy to spell and pronounce, and has a sort of whimsical feel...ah, oh well. Back to the drawing board
    I LOVE your list! My daughter has a middle name from your list and I adore Charlotte!
    Thanks for the feedback!

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