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    The child's name can tell you something about the parent. Of course you shouldn't judge a book (person) by its cover (name) but a bad cover will make others less interested in learning about the book. If my kid became friends with a child named Sunshine or Thelonious they likely have parents who have similar personalities to mine. Someone who names their child Rekker Derringer is probably raising their child with very different values and beliefs than my own.

    I remember when my friend's young daughter made a new friend with a YouNeek name (can't remember the name but it was a smoosh with a few apostrophes thrown in). My friend was apprehensive but she didn't stop the friendship because she was a sweet little girl. Once she met the mom, the woman was exactly what my friend thought she would be. My friend turned down invites to the little girl's house upon learning about her home life (i.e. domestic violence, jail, out of control older siblings). She had to explain to her daughter that the friendship was an at-school friendship only.

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    I think you can tell a bit about the parents with certain names, however there is no way I would ever dictate who my child befriended based on their name! That's just ridiculous.

    For example the one and only Charmaine I know is a beautiful, hardworking young woman who was educated at one of the top universities in the UK, and is extremely successful in her field. She's also one of my best friends, and had my mother refused to let me play with her growing up, my life would have been so much duller without me even realising what I was missing out on. I'd also be short a bridesmaid next month!
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    To me, names only get trashy or become fair-game for judgement when a parent misspells it on purpose to try to look super trendy. For example- Jennifer is classic -- Jenyfir is just bothersome. I'm all for being original and having your child stand out, but don't butcher the spelling of an otherwise lovely name!

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    Quote Originally Posted by misschelseabeth View Post
    Former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins has been accused of snobbery after saying she doesn't want her children to associate with others who have names like 'Tyler' or 'Charmaine'. Do you judge people based on their first names?

    She said during an interview " I don't like geographical names like London or Brooklyn". Then then interviewer stopped her in her tracks by saying "Your child is called India".

    Would you not let your child play with 'Tyler, Charmaine, Brandon or Kylie'?
    Firstly, children's personalities shine through. Individually their own actions speak more of themselves than any name.

    As a former teacher of high school English, you can tell a lot about naming about families. I'll give a few examples.

    First, you can tell if their son/daughter is their first if they often pick a very popular classic name like Michael or Emily. First time parents don't often think that their little Jessica is one of half a dozen that I will likely run into a day. Second, you can kind of tell what the parents are like if their siblings have clearly obvious themes. Jesus, Angel, and Mary are sib set that comes to mind. Depending on the theme, you can tell things like religion, ethnicity, culturally, or that for the likes of Max and Sam, their parents just like more masculine names. As a general rule if they have name brand names like Bentley and Tiffany, it reflects something more aspirational than actual. If you it so often, you wouldn't name your child it. Parents often unintentionally or even directly have expectations for a child revealed through naming. Ultimately, their son/daughter determines through their actions what that name means.
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    I do judge people by their names. Not necessary their personality, and especially not in a bad way. But I do expect someone named Charmaine or Shenandoah to look a certain way, exactly like I expect Montgomery so look a certain way. I think names can give you a clue of how the child grew up, with what kind of parents etc, but we are all individuals and the name isn't everything. Like, I have a brother named Hunter, but it doesn't mean that he IS a hunter.

    And I wouldn't stop any future kids of mine to play with other based on their names. Behavior and other stuff, sure, but not because of the name.
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