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    I don't know how you choose. These are all great! I really love Anna Caroline and Grace Caroline!

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    I am just not sure Natalie has that classic quality I am looking for... Just not sure...ack!
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    I would define Natalie as a "new classic" name.
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    I'm going to disagree with you on Natalie's classic-ness. Maybe it's not Anna, but it sounds excellent and natural with Anna. Perhaps thinking of it as a "new age classic" would help? That's why I like it so much with your set - it blends everybody!

    Anna Caroline Joy - It's beautiful, simple, and sweet. Serena and Anna do share some sounds, if that makes any difference.

    Madeline Genevieve - I know sisters Madeline and Genevieve, and their big sisters are Rebecca and Hannah. You could do Madeline Cara Joy, maybe? Cara means "dear."

    Natalie Anne - I know a sister set of Natalie and Lucy, which really seem to "go" with your girls' names. Natalie Anne is simple and elegant. I get this vivacious, sophisticated vibe from Natalie. Maybe it's the Natalie Wood and Natalie Portman thing; and Denmark does have a Princess Nathalie. Natalie has history: Natalie Shafer, Eunice on Gilligan's Island, was born in 1900! Composer Natalie Sleeth and actress Natalie Wood were both born in the 30s...

    Natalie Anna Joy - Like this vibrancy more than just Natalie Anne.

    Natalie Josephine - Pretty. I like the flow here.

    What about something that has Anne or the An- sound in it? Natalie Megan, Natalie Marianna, Natalie Hannah, Natalie Rosanna, Natalie Hosanna? I actually think Natalie Hosanna Jane is really neat.
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