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    Sweet baby is a GIRL! Anna, Charlotte, Caroline..oh my!

    Today had my ultrasound. So thankful all looks great, and baby is a sweet girl. This is our fourth girl in four years... Which really made hubby and I think. Our other three girls have s names ( Sophie, Sarah, Serena) ... Would this baby feel left out without an s name, or is another s name just one too many? They are each a year apart (3,2,1 and baby due in Nov.)
    Our other girls do not have s names, but they are quite a bit older ( 19, 14, 12 & 8)
    In a strange "twist" the nurse was new, so hubby asked her, her name...! Hubby likes it, I am not sold... Just seems " lacking" ... we go!

    Anna Caroline Joy
    Caroline Felicity Jane
    Grace Caroline

    These are the ones we keep coming back too, more than any of the others. So, thoughts, opinions, suggestions, anything you got thanks!
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    I should say, we were all set on Luke Elliot for a boy...that was so easy for us... Why are girls names so hard?
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    I would go with a name that sounds s-like but is not an S. so based on your list, i would say:
    Charlotte Felicity Jane
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    Either Caroline, Tessa, Madeline, or Anna would be gorgeous! I can't decide which one I like the best. I'm not a huge fan of Charlotte or Grace though. I like Felicity as the first middle and Jane or Joy work well as second middles for all of the names.
    I'd have to say that for most parents choosing names will be easier for one sex and harder for the other. My dad always said he had a hard time coming up with girl's names, and he's stuck with three of them!
    Anyways, I love your style. You have great taste.
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    I'd pick either Caroline Felicity Jane or Grace Caroline.
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