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  • Keira Mae

    26 65.00%
  • Mary Niamh

    7 17.50%
  • Alannah Marie

    7 17.50%
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    Irish American Baby girl name poll

    Hi All - Still trying to make up our minds on a baby girl name for our first daughter - we already have 3 boys. Our boys have trad Irish names - Declan, Brendan and Sean. We want to keep it easy enough to pronounce for the Americans we will deal with daily. We have a very simple neutral last name that does not indicate Irish heritage - similar to Smith. We now have it down to 3 choices. One of the choices includes a first name of Mary - and given the suggestions that the Royal baby may be named Mary - I am now not sure . . . and our little girl is due in the next two weeks!

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    I'd go with Alanna Marie. I would have gone with Ciara but only spelt as such.

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    I prefer Ciara - but the insistence of numerous Americans that it is pronounced Sierra or Key-Ar-A would annoy me beyond belief. I have realized that Keira is the only spelling that people can remotely pronounce!

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    i voted for keira mae. if you were thinking mary (which i love) you could do mae as the first name, maybe? either way - congrats and good luck!

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    Have you considered Moira instead of Mary? It's such a graceful and beautiful variation of Mary, and reminds me of the beautiful ballerina in "The Red Shoes".
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