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    George really goes well. With your last name Luther, all your other picks had two syllables also and would sound redundant. Why don't you look at a few lists such as the vintage names or the royals list. You many consider looking at other name image lists of the past to dust off some other ideas.
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    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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    Mama to Nora.

    Current favorites:
    Griffin (Finn). Declan (Dex). Ewan/Euan. Graham. John (Johnny). Dean. Ronan. Grady. Jasper. Miles/Milo. Drake.

    Margot. Sylvie. Gwyneth (Gwen). Ivy. Elise. Rosanna (Zanna). Eve. Iris. Esme. Josephine (Josie). Lucy (Lou).

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    I love George and Geoffrey!

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