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    Jase, too trendy?

    Hi everyone
    Recently I have really grown to love Jase for a boy, I prefer that spelling to the more popular Jace. What are your opinions? Is it too trendy? Or worse yet kreatyve?

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    I feel it's a bit too trendy. It feels like a nickname for Jason but with the overused lately sound of Ace/Chase or even the beginning of Mason.
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    First thing I think of is Teen Mom. It works well as a nickname for Jason, though. It's not necessarily a bad name (though I don't care for it), it just has less-than-classy connotations for many people.

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    I think of Jenelle from teen mom when I hear it. That's one connection I can't shake, I don't think many others will be able to either. I can almost guarantee that most people will think that's where you got the name from.

    It's a nice name (if short for Jason) otherwise.
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    I prefer Jason nn Jase. That way you get to call him Jase if you like it but he's got a fuller, more classic name to use professionally etc.

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