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    Help me think through girl names

    I'm not sure what we are having yet, but I am starting to think through girl names (we have a pretty good idea on the boy's side). I love the name Olivia but I'm put off both by the popularity and because a good friend recently used it.

    What are your favorites?

    Karina or Corinna
    Simone (I like it better as a mn)

    Other ideas in this vein? I tend to like feminine names for girls.

    I really like the middle name Jolie which is french for "pretty" though I am sure most people will think it's some sort of tribute to Angelina (which it is not!) That is a bit of a deterrent but I think it's pretty and goes well with most first names.


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    I like Colette and Simone. Mia is also really pretty but it's very popular right now.

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    I really like Corinna and Susanna from your list. Both have a very classic sound to them that stands out. Here are some combinations for the two of them:

    Corinna Simone
    Corinna Arianne (or Arianna depending on your preference)
    Corinna Elora
    Susanna Arianne (Arianna)
    Susanna Corinna
    Susanna Colette

    Hope this helped you out!

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