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    He wont let go of....

    PENELOPE. Our list is all over the place with combos and I want it shortened. Hazel is officially taken care of with the help of berries, TULIP had bad feedback so we are thinking about PETAL now since it is Greek and he is super Greek. But he wont let go of PENELOPE which I like but not sure if it is too popular. So I have to let him have a name he suggested since he has been trooper with my choices.

    Combos we have are:
    Penelope Juliet- family name
    Penelope Snow
    Penelope Marin/Mairin
    Penelope Juliet Snow
    Penelope Juliet Marin

    OTHER COMBOS ARE WELCOME! You can go wild in the middle spot (IMO) so nothing is too weird for me.
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    @bellerose- Thank you! I appreciate it from your combos you listed I like Penelope Rosaline Jane, Penelope WinterAurelia is out because its a name in our list as a first.

    @Whilliemnia- from the ones you listed I like Penelope Marigold Snow, Penelope Leonora Juliet (worried there may be to many L sounds), Penelope May Juliet.
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    If you want a name that is obviously Greek, I wouldn't go with Petal. Nobody is going to hear the name Petal and think "Oh, it's Greek!"

    Since it seems like he wants a Greek name, and you like flower names, what about an actual Greek name referring to flowers? There's Chrysanthe (golden flower), Ianthe (purple flower), or just Anthe, which means flower. This blogmight also help with ideas.

    But personally, I LOVE Penelope, and think Penelope Juliet is lovely.
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