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Thread: Mila or Milana?

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    I really like the name Mila! I would go with it

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    Mila Vivienne is beautiful. I would go with that.
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    I think Milena is gorgeous, but if you can't disassociate it from melena (which is a connection very few people will be able to make, and not her peers until the child is in university at least!) I also appreciate using a longer name, since it gives many nickname options to the child. I would go with Milana over Mila, since I believe Milana is also a beautiful name!
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    I really like Milena. I wouldn't worry about the medical thing, if you never mention it, your kid will probably never encounter it, it's not a thing. I also really love Mila. Milena nn Mila, or going with simply Mila, both are great choices I think.

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    If your child aspires to be in the medical field, they will come across it. I prefer Mila anyway because it is cute and less over-the-top.

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