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    Talking Thoughts on my list (Long!)

    - current loves -
    Harriet - Flora - Violet - Clementine - Matilda - Wilhelmina - Josephine - Cordelia
    Milo - Frederick - Dashiell - Gus - Atticus - Felix - Theo - Harrison - Jack

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    Magnolia-too much of a gp in my opinion, but it's still lovely
    Leila/Layla-too popular
    Aurora-see Arabella
    Gabriella-heard too often
    Alessandra-very pretty
    Charlotte-not a fan
    Genevieve-classy and elegant
    Clementine-tina as a nn? cute!
    Adrianna-very pretty as well
    Marguerite-not sure I like this so much
    Georgia-spunky and cute!
    Jane-you can never go wrong with Jane, seriously!
    Lilia-Very cute
    Harriet-I dislike femminizations, especially this one, sorry
    Primrose-pretty, but it's just got "the hunger games" written all over it
    Juniper-LOVE LOVE -one of my favorites!!
    Isla-sounds like the name of a dog, for some reason...
    Antonia-very prim and elegant
    Josephine-classic, gorgious!
    Octavia-ooh, love this one
    Ivy-cute and nicknamy!
    Laelia-see Layla
    Athena-ehh, too much of the mythology connotation
    Aster-kind of sounds like a boy's name
    Violet-again, nms
    Gemma-don't like the harsh "g" sound
    Wren-sounds better as a middle, in my opinion.
    June/Junia- best to go with Juniper and have June as a nn
    Arden-I think of Elizabeth arden, that's just me..
    Matilda-a bold, beautiful choice. I would love to meet a Matilda!
    Hazel-getting popular, but still a sweet choice
    Juliet-I never liked this one, maybe it's just the shakespearian connecton-I mean, she does commit suicide at the end...
    Eloise-too stuffy for me
    Ophelia-see Juliet
    Cordelia-LOVE! cordy is such a cute nn!
    Alice-See Jane

    Middle only:
    Sophia-too popular
    Liberty-I don't like virute names, that's just me
    Louise-see Eloise
    Olivia-see sophia
    Eleanor-elegant and classic
    Victoria-great middle
    Astrid-bold and unique choice. I like it!

    Hope this helps!
    XOXO Whillemina
    Crazy and Happy Name-Obsessed Teen
    Kirrily, Rosalind, Tamsin, Josephine

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    The ones I adore(first name)
    Arabella:LOVE it
    Primrose :the nn Prim and Rosie are adorable
    Genevieve:Love it
    Lucy;my latest crush!it feels so classic
    Madeleine:gorgeous name but it gets popular
    June :spunky and sweet
    Juliet:LOVE this name,you can also use Jett as a nn
    Cordelia :adorable nn such as Cora,Cordy and Delia
    Alice :timeless

    The ones I don't like
    Leila:very trendy
    Gabriella :I like other Ella names better
    Adriana:feels dated to me
    Octavia:remind me of octopus but that's me
    Laelia :same as layla/Leila

    The other are just ok to me.

    For the middle names I like them all expect Liberty and Adele.

    Some combos:
    Arabella Sophia/Mae/Louise
    June Eleanor
    Madeleine Sophia
    Eloise Victoria
    Cordelia Alice
    Hazel Astrid
    Lavender Joy
    Juniper Olivia
    Felicity Astrid
    Aurelia Joy
    Clementine Sophia
    Georgia Liberty
    Lucy Olivia/Victoria
    Cecelia Joy
    Arden Victoria
    "I felt that I breathed an atmosphere of sorrow"

    Rosa Nightingale Thomasin Orchid Edith Remember Zuleika Evening Belladonna Selene Orphéa Requiem Lilith Anastasia Nocturne Ophelia Séraphine Wildrose Juniper Echo Persephone Forest Suzanne Psyche Belphoebe Anaïs Sylvie Wildflower
    Orpheus Elgar Damien Prometheus Gideon Achilles Amadeus Vale Lucien Florence Casimir Leo Dante Alexander Wolf Brahm Vesper Viktor Peregrin Algernon Heath Alexander Corvus Dorian Emrys

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    Thanks for the replies and they're helpful!!

    I'm hoping for more, for sure!
    - current loves -
    Harriet - Flora - Violet - Clementine - Matilda - Wilhelmina - Josephine - Cordelia
    Milo - Frederick - Dashiell - Gus - Atticus - Felix - Theo - Harrison - Jack

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