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  • Zoe

    13 19.70%
  • Stella

    24 36.36%
  • Ivy

    29 43.94%
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    Quick poll on first names only :)

    Ok so quick poll on the below first names


    Last name starts with 'S' and is 2 syllables. Please let me know what you think and pro's and con's to each. Thank you all so much!

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    I love Stella !
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    I voted Zoe.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Since I don't know what your last name is, I went with Ivy, which has long been a favorite of mine and the Y-ending will go well with your surname as long as they don't rhyme. I like Stella a lot, but I think it could be a little stilted with a two-syllable S-surname. Zoe is my least favorite, I'm not sure why but I've never really liked it, and it also could potentially blend in with your surname since Z and S are similar sounds.

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    I voted Ivy, purely because it is farthest away in sound from you S-surname. Of course, that is 'sight-unseen'. Stella or Zoe might sound just fine with her surname.

    My second choice is Stella. Zoe last, solely because of its popularity.
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