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  • Olive

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    Question Olive or Matilda?

    I'm unsure which name to cute from my first name list currently contains Hermione, Cordelia, Florence, Harriet, Persephone, Antigone, Beatrice, Drusilla, Ottilie, Clementine, Violet, Araminta, Sibyl and Octavia...should Matilda or Olive be added to this new list?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Olive! I don't care for Matilda at all (though Tilly is adorable), but Olive is so sweet, and fits so well with the vintagey feeling of all your other favorites.
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    Olive is one of my most detested names. I just don't get why anyone would use a name that is shared with an ugly green pimento filled food. Matilda is much nicer.

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    I love the spunky Matilda. It has everything - history, substance, literary pedigree etc...Olive is well - bland. I looked at the names in your signature and I think Matilda would be a great "fit". You already have Oliver on your boys list and two "O" names on your girls so you are in dire need of a "M".
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    Olive is my favorite of the two names, but I voted for Matilda, as I think it's a better fit with the other names you have on your list.
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