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    Third baby in a hurry to meet us! Name inspiration needed 16 weeks early

    I am 24 weeks pregnant with our third baby and my waters have broken. On hospital bed rest but the pressure is suddenly on to find a name! We dont know if this is a girl or a boy.

    We already have boy/girl twins Hugo William and Indy Antonia and I would love something that fits with them. The twins middle names honor our grandparents and we want to carry this through so a boy would have James as a middle name and a girl may get Maisie (after my grandma Mavis's nickname). Would love some suggestions for first names.

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    Eek no suggestions sorry but just wanted to say I hope everything goes ok.
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    All done but still dreaming of
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    First of all best of luck and I hope everything goes well.

    Oliver James*
    Leo James* (as long as you don't mind both boys having the "o" ending)
    Oscar James
    Owen James*
    Lucas James*
    Rowan James
    Riley James
    Ian James
    Lewis James
    Remy James*
    Casper James*
    Asher James

    Brenna Maisie
    Violet Maisie
    Rowan Maisie*
    Lila Maisie*
    Sage Maisie
    Piper Maisie
    Iris Maisie
    Kira Maisie*
    Hazel Maisie
    Flora Maisie
    Junia Maisie*
    Cora Maisie
    Luna Maisie*
    Lena Maisie*
    Rhea Maisie

    *my favorites
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    Elizabeth Agnes ~ Harrison Peter

    Anthea Valentine ~ Sebastian Luke ~ Elanor Astrid

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    I was thinking Mila for a girl (if you don't mind the alliteration) and Finn for a boy.

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