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    Oh I am terrified of spiders, but Spiderman has still always been my fave. Obviously you've got the other Peter references as well, but let me tell you, from the perspective of a little boy? Having the name of a superhero gets you super awesome mom points! (James Logan from X-man... Plus I hope he'll also like the connection to Harry later.)

    Michael Crichton is my favorite author. He wrote 'Jurassic Park' (don't know if that is the the kind of sci-fi you're normally into but he is amazing). As far as Congo goes, I think you should just rent the movie. It came out in 1995, and was nothing world-shattering, but the Peter in it is definitely a heart-warming character. The gorilla named Amy doesn't hurt either. =]
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    I love Peter, especially for the Peter Pan references. If you are interested, there is a prequel series called Peter and the Starcatchers, and it is incredibly magical. Finding Neverland also made me fall in love with the name Sylvia =)

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    I've always loved Peter I don't know why I love it so much. But my SO hates it
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    Peter is so sweet! I think it would make a lovely middle name for you! I love all the references you listed, especially the Narnia reference {I have Caspian and Edmund on my list thanks to those books!}. I also like the connection between Maid Marian of Robin Hood and Peter Pan/Peter Pevensie. Lovely!
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    Amy; yeah, that must be pretty awesome! Wolverine ROCKS! If he doesn't like the Harry connection... I don't know what I'd do if I were you! Sob into my pillow probably... I looked the movie up, and it's with Laura Linney!!! I love Laura Linney.

    I'm starting to contemplate having a childhood middle name theme...
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