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    Very...umm...interesting sibset

    I met two children and their mother, who is pregnant with twin girls, from my hometown this week. When the mom introduced her kids, I thought "not too bad," however I regret asking about the middle names. The names were shocking, especially since the children are absolutely gorgeous. The mother later added me on facebook so I'm certain about these outrageous spellings.
    Little girl: Kohl NovymberrRayn
    Little boy: Memphis NyghtTrayn
    At this point I'm sure that the mom is a Guns n Roses fan. Only when I asked about the twin girls names did I realize that this mother is truly obsessed.
    Twin girls: Vanellope NuRose (say Penelope, okay now say Vanellope, I know I know) and PerryWinkle RokkitQween

    WDYT of these names? Would you name your children after a musical group, song, movie, etc.? If you did, what would the names be?

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    You're right, they're awful! The middle names are gross. The first names are, well, Kohl and Memphis are passable, I guess. Vanellope would be a thousand times better as Penelope. PerryWinkle? Maybe just Perry? I didn't get that the middles are all Guns n Roses references (are the firsts Guns n Roses references, too?). The only one I've heard of is November Rain. Didn't Guns n Roses spell it correctly? Why the crazy misspellings?
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Ugh! Poor babies. I love the song Iris by the Goo Goo dolls, so I have thought of using Iris. However I could not do something like that.
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