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Thread: If It Was You

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    Thank you I like some of your names others not.

    Marc or Marcus Daniel - I'm not sure on this one I feel Marc/Mark or Marcus is sorta dated. - I love Daniel as a middle names.
    Colin James - See Marcus/Marc for Colin. - I like James but I'm unsure if its useable a my boyfriends nephew as a middle name.
    Emmett Ryan -I love Ryan but with a different First name.
    George Patrick - I prefer Patrick George.
    Simon Christopher - I don't like these Names.
    Matthew Cole or Cole Matthew - I like Cole Matthew but I cant use Matthew due to it being a cousins name and he would get big headed if I used his name. - I like Cole Alexander though.
    Mason Alexander or Alexander Mason - I like Alexander but I dont like Mason (due to its popularity). - I like it better as a middle name but I know a few people with kids called Mason.
    Noah Joseph - I quite like this one but I'm Not sure on it's popularity.
    Benjamin Liam - I love this combo but I know kids with both Names so I'm not sure.
    Lucas William - I like Lucas but i'm unsure on is populartiy.
    Jack Thomas - I love Thomas but I hate Jack it reminds me of a Jack Russell (The dog).
    Aaron Nicholas - I love this name.

    I like Thomas Alexander, Thomas William, Patrick George, Patrick John/James/Joseph, Cole Joseph, Aaron Joseph (I love the NN AJ).

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    any other names.

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