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Thread: If It Was You

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    Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn

    Anything or anyone that doesn't bring you alive

    Is too small for you


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    Maeve Elizabeth - He doesn't like Maeve he says it sounds like a old lady.
    Tess Emily Rose - I prefer Tessa to Tess.
    Lucy Madeline - I prefer maybe Lucy Madeline Rose.
    Beth Elizabeth/Beth Katherine - I prefer Bethany to Beth but I like these.
    Daisy Madeline - I quite like this one but I'm unsure on Madeline I like Daisy-Mae Elizabeth.
    Cora Elizabeth/Cora May - I'm not sure on these.
    Clara Faye - I love this one my boyfriend doesn't like Clara though :-(.
    Molly-Jane - eventhough I love this one I now can't use Molly due to a cousin using it.
    Millie-Jane/Millie-Rose - I like Rose best.
    Lyra-Faye - I'm unsure on Lyra is kinda popular where I live.
    Poppy Elizabeth - I love this one but I'm unsure on Poppy as I know of a few Poppy's.
    Liliana Elizabeth - I love this one but my boyfriend is unsure on Liliana.

    I like Emma-Kate but I don't like the K.K on the end.
    Amelia Paige we can't use.
    I love Elizabeth Rose but I don't like it as a first name.

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    Girls: Anya, Leia, Maeve, Adelaide, Lelia, Belle, Daphne, Vada, Evangeline, Anneliese, Leda, Livia, Carys, Liana, Cleo, Piper, Elena, Mercedes
    Boys: Flynn, Isaac, Ronan, James, Alaric, Jude, Damian, Emmett, Gabriel, Henry, Lucas/Lucian, Arthur, Ian, Wyatt, Leo

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    I really like Emma-Kate with Amy-Louise.
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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