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    Theodora, Minerva, Nola, Sabine

    We're expecting a daughter in August and we have a list of four names at this point:

    I like different things about each- the flexibility of Theodora/Minerva (Thea, Dora, Minna), the simplicity of Nola, and the way it sounds with my son's names; the allure, and slight exoticism of Sabine.

    Would love some opinions on any of these four.

    My sons are Caius and Otto if it helps!

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    I like Theodora best out of all of them. I love names with a "Thea" relation like Althea and Timothea. It also has a beautiful sound that carries a feminine grace that is hard to match. Sabine would be the runner up in my opinion, it has a rhythm and slightly foreign edge to it that makes it flow nicely. Here are some ideas for these selections:
    Theodora Sabine
    Theodora Corinne
    Theodora Celine
    Sabine Arabella
    Sabine Theodora
    Sabine Roxanna

    Hope this helped!

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    Oooh, I love these! I'd rank them:


    I think Minerva is best overall and goes wonderfully with your sons' names, Sabine is lovely and I like the nns Bee and Bina, Theodora is just thoroughly fantastic, and Nola is sleek and distinctive. Are you aware that some people use Nola as a nickname for New Orleans, Louisiana? That's what I think of when I hear it, anyway. Not sure if it's a concern for you at all.

    Since you have it down to four and they're all great options, why not wait until you meet the baby and see which one feels right?
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    I agree with stormshine, Theodora is the best one of the list, plus I LOVE the nickname Thea!!! soooo adorable
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    I think Caius, Otto, and Theodora go best together. My overall favorite name though would be Nola or Sabine.
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