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    Quote Originally Posted by A little off topic but I'm fascinated by English culture, I love it. It may sound strange to you if you're from [name
    England[/name] or the UK, but I am absolutely fascinated. From the view point of an American, the class system seems so segmented and defined with very specific actions attached to each one. I've read recently that there are seven social classes? I've heard several people from the UK mention parents that yell out the names of their children, and that it's considered chavy. Does this really happen that often? Chavy people hanging outside their windows screaming, "Chaaardonnaaay". Yelling and being loud in general is considered rude most likely anywhere in the world but the whole 'chavs yelling out their kids names and the decent being annoyed by it' is just one of those very English things Americans love to hear about.
    I agree, I'm from Canada and I find it incredibly interesting as well. Especially with all the different accents and how much of an impact they have on your image. I could never imagine judging someone on how they speak, but it's all part of the whole classism thing, I guess.
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    She seems very confused.
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    People should never be 'judged' on their tastes. Only their actions.

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    I think it is revolting to place that sort of burden on a child that had nothing to do with the name they were given. I actually find tons of upper class families that give their children the typical tacky/trendy names. I also don't think you can say it is the same low class names being called on the playground. There is a lot of issues concerning personality and behavior traits. I have one child that is the perfect model of good behavior. That is just her inherent nature. My son, is very spirited and strong willed. So yes, you would hear me calling his name much more often. It doesn't mean I am not an educated good parent. His name is not a reflection of anything other than my style of names.

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    Thats filthy.
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