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    Well, that's kind of all we do here. I mean, just look at the celebrity baby names section! tsk tsk tsk...

    At any rate, yeah, she's crazy. We all do that, but she takes it to extremes. I don't have kids, but I certainly won't stop them from playing with Tyler or Chardonnay. Maybe Poppy and India, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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    I think most of us would be lying to say that you don't form some sort of quick judgement when you hear certain names...but to carry it so far as to imply that all Tylers are bad, or charmaines are trash, is just ignorant. To not let her children not play with those children based on their names is almost abusive
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    @ottilie - I agree with your points.

    Of course we shouldn't judge people (especially children) by their names. However, we all do it. Picture little Chardonnay or Nevaeh. What background would you assume they're from? Certain names are given by people of certain classes and there's some truth in her argument. She wants her children to play with "nice" children. However, it's an extremely prejudiced way of discerning which children are "nice". I can understand wanting your children to have friends who have good manners, do their homework, etc. But making a blanket judgement that all children named Tyler (for example) are "bad" isn't doing her or her children any favours. For me, the kicker was her dislike of place names...then admitting her daughter is called India. Silly woman.
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    Ergh... Just another argument about class (even though the topic is names).

    This kind of reminds me of the Catherine Tate skits
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    I just have to defend her a little bit in regards of India. Here in England it's got a solid history of usage, and when I hear India I don't think "place name" like I would if I heard Brooklyn, Ireland or other names like that. I get that it must sound ridiculous to people not from here, and obviously her making that comment was quite stupid, but I understand what she's saying. It's not a chav name.

    Oh, and Sarah & Scarlet; glad I'm not alone...
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