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    I think this needs to be seen by everyone.

    Prepare to FUME. I know I did.

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    Saw this today and couldn't believe it! She doesn't like geographical names but her daughter is called India..... Shes so insane its funny!

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    I feel sorry for her kids.

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    Just about to post something similar myself! I recorded that yesterday because I heard they were going to discuss names and I've only just watched it. Wow. I thought it would be evidence-based thing with statistics and stuff but this woman has just succeeded in showing herself to be a classist, snobbish b!tch on national TV!

    I agree as far as I think there are names that are more common amongst the rebels and rule breakers in school- chav names, trashy names etc. Charmaine, Tyler and Jayden would come under that in my view. But that's it. Doesn't mean Jaydens and Tylers couldn't be really lovely people and it doesn't stop Monty and Peregrine from being @rseholes. And I certainly wouldn't stop a future child from playing with someone else just because of their name! How the hell can you judge a child like that without even knowing them?! Crazy lady. I feel really sorry for her kids.
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    A strange topic to have on a morning show but I guess the class system is still alive and well and living at this lady's house.
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