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    Girly list - open to suggestions!

    Hi all! Would love to see what other names you can come up with. This is what we've got so far. Big sister is Ivy Coraline. Thanks in advance!

    Thea - I don't like that this would leave Ivy as the only one in the family without a "T" name.

    DH likes:
    Hazel (I like Mabel waaaay better)
    Prairie (I'm open to it as a middle)

    I like:
    Clio (rejected - he says people will get it confused with Leo :roll: )
    Vada (haven't run this one by him - thinking of forcing him to watch My Girl and seeing if he says anything about her name )
    Miriam (he's open to this as a middle)
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    Tessa? Good luck!

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    XOXO Whillemina
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    Where did Phoebe and Luna go? I'm still mourning Clio over here... I think Ivy and Clio would be lovely.

    I like Vera and June a lot with Ivy.

    Ines/Iris/Isis - or do you prefer not to repeat the I?
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    vml - Oh, I do love Tessa. Tess was actually on my list to go over with hubs, and he told me that it sounds like a brazen hussy. Say what?!

    whillemina - Thanks! I really like your taste. A lot of those combos were rejected with Ivy, but I might try them again. I really like Rosalind as a middle name to honor his mom, Linda

    otter - He's not feeling Luna, and while he likes Phoebe, he can't get over the character from Friends. Meh, I've been meeting a lot of little Phoebes lately, anyway, and I also feel that it's a bit difficult to say Ivy and Phoebe quickly together. It's a whole lot of "ee" sounds. Clio is the only one I'm seriously sad about. Very seriously. I might bring it up again in a couple months. I'll see what he thinks of Juno and Lyra (this was my #1 choice when I found out I was pregnant with Ivy). I love Mina, but baby will have a cousin named Myla that will be very close in age. I also really love Alba, but it's pretty tied up with Jessica Alba (do Brits even know who she is?) and a cosmetic/toiletries brand by the same name. It's hard to find something that is short, sweet, fun, spunky, and still keep the vintagey vibe I like. Hubs leans more towards the naturey end of names, and would probably go for Clover in a second, but I want to avoid a "green plant" theme.
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