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    I agree with other berries about your names being matchy because they rhyme

    what about


    If you want to do the rhyme thing then Kearney Linnea Hennessey, Aisley Rose Hennessey and Tierney Elizabeth Hennessey
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahdoodle View Post
    Triplet girls is a name-nerd's dream!
    Indeed... I'm instantly suspicious.

    ★ August Eli Benedict ★ Bram ★ Casimir Mordecai ★ Edmond John Meirion ★ Gillon ★
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Do you think Aisley and Kearney rhyme? I would say Kearney and Tierney, yes, Aisley and Kearney, no. As for the Simpson's Kearney connection, I will check it out. Never watched the show and Google searching didn't reveal it. Is this a popular or recurring character? Finally, I love and already rejected Delany and Elani and several other similar names suggested because they are too similar to Melaine. I think giving one girl a name too similar to mine would cause problems eventually, especially in the case of triplets.
    Finally oh suspicious one, I'm happy to send you pregnancy photos if you need proof of my condition. After twelve years of fertility failures, tons of miscarriages, procedures of every kind and lots of pain and suffering, I can assure you that the last thing I'd be doing is lying about the pending birth of triplet daughters.
    :-) Melaine
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    Other then those listed I can think of these names but some are Welsh but I think sound similar to Irish and English names:
    Daphne- not really English but to me sounds like it should...

    I think Merida Kearney and Seren all gel together. I didn't mention Ainsley alto it's a pretty name it's not my style because of teasing potential.. rhming with body part.


    Good luck
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    Ps kearney from the simpsons is a regurlish male bully character. I watch the Simpson's but didn't automatically think of the connection

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