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    I love it!
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    I really love Josephine Zinnia!

    Other flowery options could be Josephine Azalea, Josephine Daisy, Josephine Lilac, Josephine Lotus, Josephine Tansy, Josephine Violet

    I would have said Josephine Poppy, because I think that's adorable, but I think Emmeline sounds super cute with it!
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    For me, Josephine Zinnia is heavy on the "ee" sound as well as s/z. Now, Josephine Mireille would be a gorgeous combo.
    All the best,

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    I like Josephine Zinnia. Both names are great and I like them together. Plus epic nicknaming potential. Go for it!

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    I love the name Josephine Zinnia! Emmeline Poppy is stunning as well. Nicely done!!
    XOXO Whillemina
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