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    Anna nn Annie is very intuitive. I don't think Anna is getting too popular. I do think it's ranked fairly highly - top 25 perhaps? Although the low end of that - check your local rankings those are more critical anyway - but just because it's a classic staple. Elizabeth and Katherine are high up there too but they're not trendy.

    Annabel is lovely and perhaps lower ranked than Anna but it feels a bit more of the moment because -bel/-belle/-bella is so fashionable right now. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use it! Just an observation. Annabel is a pretty old name with history behind it.

    Annabel Rose or Anna Rose or Anna Katherine maybe? Anna Katherine could still be Annie Kate, it just feels more complete, like Claire Elise. Clair Elise and Anna Rose feel really natural to me.

    If you like Ally but not Allison maybe Alice? I realize it's a little close to Elise but the sound is pretty different and the history very different.

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    Well sometimes you also want to consider names that are from the same origin. Claire is French, there are some really cute French names that sound good with Claire.

    Examples:French names- It also helps to say some of the names with your other daughter's name. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! It has been very helpful! I'm kinda coming around to the name Anna now. I would say I like it almost as much as Annabel right now. My questions now are 1)Which one is better for the nickname Annie (at least when she is little) and 2) which one is better in general?
    I see that Anna is a little more popular on the charts, but Annabel (as jesba pointed out) is a bit more on the trendy side. I'm not fond of the nn Belle/Bella (just due to popularity) but something about the name Annabel excites me. Thanks for your time!

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    I like Claire and Anna. Anna has a different feel to it than Annie and Annabel or you could use Anna as a middle name. Here are more suggestions:
    Claire and Alice
    Claire and Nora
    Claire and Juliet
    Claire and Corinne
    Claire and Mae
    Claire and Fiona
    Claire and Eloise
    Claire and Jane
    Claire and Emery
    Claire and Audrey

    Good luck!

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    I really like Anna, especially Anna Rose. I also like Abigail, but if you've fallen out of love with it, then it's a no-go.

    For Ally, have you considered Alexandra? Or maybe Alessandra?

    Other options with Claire:

    Claire and Emilia
    Claire and Audrey
    Claire and Chloe
    Claire and Bridget
    Claire and Miranda

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