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    I’m falling in love with Pandora due to your posts about this name And I think she’ll be a perfect sister to Aphrodite.
    Hadewych Rose Catherine 2.22.2015

    Aurore Ebba Rosalind, Aurelia Beatrice Rose, Hadewych Ebba Aurora, Cosima Rose Beatrice, Riva Ianthe Juniper, Melisande Juno Catharina, Lorelei Caja Vasilisa

    Ramses, Midas, Erasmus/Rasmus, Rodolphe, Jasper, Rembrandt, Lloyd, Lucius, Otis, Emrys, Oberon

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    I want to say "screw your friend and her having Phoebe on her short list" Belphoebe is so much prettier.
    (Also Bellicent makes me think of belligerent. Which I know I've said before.)
    Though I think this makes sense for you guys - like a "normal" middle makes sense.

    here are the rest of my .02
    Cleo over Circe
    Endymion or Orpheus over Eurydice
    Morgana over Melpomene
    Neither Pandora or Polyhymnia -> sorry I just still don't love either.
    Tinuviel over Thalassa
    Expecting Our First.....
    DH doesn't want to discuss names until
    we know if it's a boy or girl. GRRRRR ARGH!

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    In contrast with my overly verbose response to your boys list, I'll keep this very short.

    The only ones I love and adore are Tinuviel (Nuvi! Vi!) and Zenobia. Both are stunning. If I have to chose, it's Zenobia for usability.

    Gwenllian is good, too.

    And Circe for a mn. Because Casimir is better.

    None of the others really work for me as a real life name, or else don't sound lovely to me.

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    I love the nickname Pom for Penelope. Ive never heard that before and it makes me smile!
    Other than that I really like Belphoebe, Pandora and Zenobia.
    To me Polyhymnia and Melpomene both sound like drugs or chemical additives. I wish they didn't because they are beautiful... but I can't help but think that. The other ones I just don't care for.

    Good luck!

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    Bellicent versus Belphoebe - Belphoebe, but you could call your child by her middle, or put Belphoebe in the middle
    Eurydice (but would rule out Endymion and Orpheus) - Orpheus
    Gwenllian - no
    Hespera - ok
    Morgana - nice
    Niniane - like this
    Pandora - no
    Thalassa versus Tinuviel - neither
    Zenobia -ok
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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