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    How to pronounce Cassia?

    The title basically says it all, I've been pronouncing Cassia as Cass-ee-ah but recently discovered it might be pronounced Cash-ah, I was just wondering which was correct? I rather like my pronunciation better lol but if it's wrong then I'd rather know
    (I don't know any Cassia's which is why I can't ask but also good so I'm not possibly pronouncing their name wrong haha)
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    I've always said Cass-ee-uh, and I think that's how most people would pronounce it on first glance (those who are not name nerds, that is ) Since it isn't a very popular name, you can always pick the pronunciation you like better; no one will be the wiser as to which is the correct one.
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    I read a silly YA trilogy whose main character was Cassia, and I always pronounced it "CASS-ee-uh" in my head and didnt think twice. I can see the logic for "cash-uh," but honestly (depending on your region, of course) I wouldn't expect people to pronounce it that way.
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    I would say CASH-uh first, but if someone corrected me with "It's 'CASS-ee-uh' actually," I'd think that was normal.

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    The original pronunciation is cash-uh but the cass-ee-uh pronunciation has become an acceptable variation. Personally, I prefer the cass-see-uh pronunciation. It just sounds so much prettier.

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