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Thread: Convince Me!

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    Iantha: I like the Victorian charm of this name. I like floral names, but this is a more obscure and really very lovely play on the Ianthe flower. Also I can use the nn Anne which has been one of my favorite names forever but DH doesn't approve

    Avalon: My hubby and I both love Arthurian legend and I put this on our list thinking he'd
    nix it, but he liked it! It also has Ava as a nn. Its a name that is too popular in and of itself, but an adorable nn.

    Elowen: Is so beautiful. Its very popular on nameberry But not where I live. My hubby loves it too and has the feel of Eowyn without the LOTR connection which everyone would think we were doing if we named a child that.

    Walter: I love the classic charm of this name! I also love the nn Walt. It will grow well over time and reflects the "elderly" nature of my hubby and I. Our families have always joked about us being an old married couple even when we were in our early 20's.

    Ambrose: I love this name and the nn Bo. I find it so dignified and timeless.

    Emrys: I love the sound of this name and my hubby really, really loves it. I like the nn Reece, and the meaning/history of the name.
    Mother of Gabriel Christian and Emrys Atticus.

    The ones that got away:
    Felicity, Anne, Iantha, Penelope, Elowen
    Walter, Sebastian, Edmund, Arthur, Fredrick

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