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    Anglicizing "Airmid"

    Airmid, in Irish mythology, was a healing goddess, one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. With her father, Dian Cecht, and brother, Miach, she healed those injured in the Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh.
    As beautiful a name as Airmid is in its original form, I really need help anglicizing it, similar to how Brighid becomes Bridget(te).

    Any suggestions?

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    How do you pronounce it? Looking online I've found several options, from "ahr-midge" to "ehr-he-me".

    Anyways, Airmid doesn't seem to have a standard anglicised form (or to be common in Ireland).
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    I'm also unsure of the pronunciation - I've never heard of this name before. I love the connection to Irish mythology however.
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    Here, the word January is being pronounced in Gaelic. The 'air' ending is apparently 'arr' < That's how you say the 'mid' part. Kind of like a smoosh of 'met/mut/mot'

    Together these would make the pronunciation of Airmid = 'arr-met'. Therefore, Armet/Ahmet/Aremet would mostly likely be the closest you could write Airmid in English.
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    I second Renrose suggestion, Armet/Aremet would be your best bet
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