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    9 20.93%
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    11 25.58%
  • It is fresh and not too frilly and that appeals to me

    5 11.63%
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    18 41.86%
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    Are we going to embrace Manon?

    After reading the blog I wanted to determine how many of us will put Manon at the top of our girls list. Do you think it has great pizzazz and style? Is it pretty or sophisticated?

    How does it affect you?

    I think it has great possibilities apart from being interesting I like its uniqueness and I would love to know how to find out its ranking in France.

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    Current ranking in France = 4th place
    I recently went with my school at the theatre La Scala to see Manon Lescaut, so I'm obviously biased, but I like the name. It has a characteristic French feeling, without being frilly like Michelle.
    That being said, the name is not heard very commonly outside of France, so I would use it maybe in the middle. But that is a problem I don't have, as I'm not pregnant, nor close to being pregnant ;D
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    It sounds to me like "Mais non!"
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    I quite like Manon. It reminds me of the film Manon des Sources. Ninon is also nice. However, in an English-speaking environment, the French nasal "on" would likely be problematic.

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    This is the first time I have heard this name. I do not care for it. Personally I would assume it was a boy's name.
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