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    Unusual nicknames

    My great grandfather's nn was Dime. I have never heard this used as a name or a nn besides him and I quite like it. I really wish I knew the story behind it but I don't. His name was Loyce Gordon. My grandfather was Loyce Gordon, Jr but everyone called him L.G.

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    I like Hattie (I don't like any names that go with Hattie as a nickname though) and Lettie (Letitia). I don't like nicknames for boys. All in all I'm not too into nicknames.
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    I don't really like nickname-names. I love nicknames, but prefer them to be a term of endearment or something that the older sibling came up with, or something that just fits them perfectly or randomly happened. The nickname chooses you, I firmly believe.

    But ... I just ran across Cricket and thought that would be such an adorable nickname on a little girl.

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    some of mine....
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    Loved the idea of the nickname Scout for Scarlett!

    I agre with rh1223, cricket would be an adorable nickname for a little girl!

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