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    Unusual Names CAF

    Unusual names CAF

    13 Kids!

    All names are ones I have used in video games. Yes, some are made up. Feel free to change birth order and add ages and any other details.
    Parents: Your choice!

    DD1: Rosalie, Clementina, Ivory, Bluebell, Golda, Julie

    DS1: Ash, James, Avo, Peter, Kinley, Ziggy

    DD2: Hillarie, Violet, Daisy, Axelle, Bunny, Sandy

    DS2: Graham, Sampson, Bell, Wilby, Rogan, Leo

    DD3: Beatrice, Geovanna, Kaite, Umbrielle, Millie, Sola

    DS3: Chester, Arleau, Omega, Ving, Chang, Talon

    DD4: Shadow, Madeleine, Delia, Polly, Jessie, Otto

    DS4: Quade, Zarney, Djimon, Huntington, Ario, Penley

    DD5: Rosey, Mae, Harriet, Snow, Holly, Yara

    DS5: Trevor, Romulus, Harrie, Tristan, Zabe, Kevin

    DD6: Augustina, Scorpia, Gurtrude, Ariadne, Dinah, Ashlie

    DD7: Oaklyn, Lorelai, Stella, Emmalee, Rory, Annie

    DD8: Riella, Lula, Lylleigh, Reverie, Emmy, Power
    Teenberry. Ravenclaw. Age 16. INTP. Writer. Christian. Taurus. No kids, just baby name obsessed.
    Sorry for all the typos. My keyboard has problems working sometimes.

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    DD1: Clementina Julie
    DS1: Avo James
    DD2: Violet Hillarie
    DS2: Leo Sampson
    DD3: Sola Umbrielle
    DS3: Arleau Omega
    DD4: Delia Madeleine
    DS4: Quade Ario
    DD5: Holly Yara
    DS5: Trevor Kevin
    DD6: Augustina Ashlie
    DD7: Lorelai Annie
    DD8: Emmy Riella

    Great game, Phoenix! I like how its not all the same names that I usually see.
    Mom to Noemi Xochitl *5/19/14*

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    Aimee - 15

    Adeline Veronica, Lorelei Juliet, Delaney Susannah, Eliza Sylvie, Emilia Coralie, Isabelle Aurora, Isla Pearl, Magnolia Brynn, Matilda Ruby, Ophelia Scout, Saskia Emmeline

    August Milo, Bailey Kiernan, Declan Sawyer, Gabriel Alan, Gideon Connor, Eli Reid, Jasper Samuel, Tobias Frederick

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    Unusual names CAF

    13 Kids

    Address 7621 Emberley Blvd, Chaplin Township, Cairo Condominums, TE 546720-DE

    Parents: DW: Melody Anne Piers 50 nn Mel

    DW: Lydia Robin Santos 46

    DD1: Ivory Rosalie 25

    DS1: James Peter nn Jace 22

    DD2: Violet Hillarie 17

    DS2: Graham Leo nn Gray 14

    DD3: Geovanna Beatrice 10

    DS3: Arleau Talon 9 twin*

    DD4: Delia Madeleine 9 twin*

    DS4: Penley Quade 6

    DD5: Yara Mae 6 (adopted)

    DS5: Kevin Tristan 5

    DD6: , Ariadne Ashlie 3

    DD7: , Lorelai Oaklyn 2

    DD8: Reverie Lula 2 (adopted)

    And a dear Dog named Dakota Rhys
    ~girls~ Lorelai Damaris

    -:-boys-:- Keanu Malachi

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