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    Middle name for Uma? Please!!! 2 wks old

    She is two weeks old! We were expecting a boy I have finally decided on Uma > no one I talk to likes it... But I love it and I think it fits her. I still need a middle name.

    We are between Uma Sophia and Uma Skye... Any additional suggestions are welcome! TIA
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    I love Uma! It's my cousin's name. Her middle name is Henley. I like Sophia better of your two options.

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    Uma is stunning! I like Uma Sophia better than Uma Skye.
    What about Uma Catherine, Uma Gwendolen, Uma Verity, Uma Peridot?

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    I love it too. Uma Sophia is nice. Any family names? Middles are nice places to honor people.

    Uma Isabelle
    Uma Sandrine
    Uma Emerald
    *Magnolia Alice / Evangeline Jonquil Snow / Adelaide Clover / Adelaide Sofie Grey/ Athena Florence Pearl/Genevieve/Guinevere Luna Neve / Georgiana Ismay Pearl / Eugenie Marigold/ Ondine Atalune Fleur/ Liliana Amoret / Annika Lilou Sage / Liv Corisande*

    *Osias /Augusten /Thatcher/ Ignatius /Hawthorne/
    Peregrine Atlas/ Fennec/ Asher Thiago Wolf /Hugo Caspian Sage/Beau/ August/ Maximus Odin*

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    I responded to your other thread going on this as well but Uma Skye is amazing! I love it and think you should go with that. Uma Sophia does not flow in my opinion in terms of vibes. Sophia is so classic and soft and Uma has this cool vibe. When I hear Uma Skye its perfect in my mind!
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